Aaruda Paints & Coatings

AARUDA Industrial Solutions

Aaruda Paints & Coatings

Aaruda Industrial Solutions is one of the leading Manufacturer & Traders of Aaruda Paints & Coatings which includes Aaruda Automotive Re-finish and Industrial Paints and more. We are the Distributors for branded Industrial Paints & Coating Systems like Nippon, Glasurit and Axalta Paints & Mixing Machines.

Manufacturers & Distributors

Aaruda Industrial Solutions are manufacturers of Aaruda Automotive Re-finish and Industrial Paints and distributors for Axalta, Nippon and Glasurit Industrial Paints and Coating Systems. We are Specialized in Shade Matching and New Colour Development. Aaruda is one of the leading manufacturers of Aarolac Paints, Industrial Paints, Aarocel Spray Paints and Solvents & Chemicals

Aaruda Popular Products

Aaruda Automotive Re-finish and Industrial Paints offer wide range of Nippon, Glasurit and Axalta Products. Few of them are list as follows:

  • Aaruda Paints
  • Aaruda Putties
  • Aaruda Primer
  • Aaruda Filler
  • Aaruda Clear Coat
  • Aaruda Ordures & Thinner
  • Aaruda Other Ancillaries
  • Product Range

  • Anest Iwata Spray & Coating Equipments
  • Axalta Coating Systems
  • Wurth Maintenance Tools & Chemicals
  • Mirka Power & Pneumatic Tools
  • Vista Autocare
  • Sika Sealants
  • Eni Lubricants
  • Graco - Spray & Coating Equipments
  • Kovax - Coated Abrasives
  • Aaruda Industrial Paints & Coatings
  • Aaruda Mould Making Silicone Rubber

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