Kovax Coated Abrasives

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Kovax Coated Abrasives

Aaruda Industrial Solutions is one of the leading Authorized Dealer for Kovax Coated Abrasives which includes Kovax Sanding System, Super Tack Discs, Finishing System, Abrasives, Water Proof Paper, Microfinishing Film, Filler & Putty, Masking Products, Accessories, Paint Finishing Products, Tools and more.

Kovax is the First Japanese Manufacturer of Coated Abrasives with 90+ years of experience, leading player in Japan in Abrasives for Automotive Market, Industry leader in Finishing Solutions with Complete Dry Sanding Solution including Top Coat Sanding and more.

Super Tack Discs

Kovax offer wide range of Super Tack Discs which includes Maxcut Super Tack Discs - of specially hardened Aluminium Oxide grains suited for extremely hard sanding work, Max Film Super Tack Discs & File Sheets - allows a more direct contact with the sanding surface, Premium Super Tack Discs - effectively reduce scratches and increase cutting power, Tri-Pro Super Tack Discs - effect on dry sanding with anti clogging system and more.

Finishing Systems

Kovax offer wide range of Finishing Systems which includes Super Assilex Sheets, Discs & Pads - for unique grain structure result in extremely uniform and shallow scratches, Tolecut Sheets Discs & Films - for dry imperfection removal, Super Buflex Sheets, Discs & Pads - finest abrasives for maximum polish time reduction and more.


Kovax offer wide range of Abrasives which includes Sanding Belts - for grinding, deburring and stock removal to sanding and finishing operations on a number of surfaces, Dry Sheets - for sanding of wood, wall, primers, top coat, clear coats and composite materials and more.

Water Proof Papers

Kovax offer wide range of Water Proof Papers which includes Flexible Backing Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper - for Automotive Repair Industry, High Durability Eable Max Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper - offer razor sharp cutting edge provides faster and cooler sanding and more.

Microfinishing Films

Kovax offer wide range of Microfinishing Films which includes Lipika Films - for super finish of precision parts, Meist Films - Electrostatic Coating Abrasive Films - providing precise finishing satisfying flatness without imparting deep polishing streaks to a body to be polished due to tough flat base film and more.

Filler & Putty

Kovax offer wide range of Filler Putty which includes Light Weight Body Filler - for smooth application and easy sanding and can be used to fill dents and imperfections on most substrates, Kovax Polyester Putty - is a two-component finishing putty made to fill dents and imperfections in most automotive substrates and more.

Masking Products

Kovax offer wide range of Masking Products which includes Premium Masking Tape - Automotive Masking Tape sticks fast and hold tight, Perforated Trim Masking Tape - uses a high temperature crepe masking tape with a rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, Blue Fine Line Tape - adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, Smooth Edge Foam Masking Tape - designed for masking door apertures to reduce the ingress of paint during the automotive refinish process, Plastic Masking Film - Plastic Masking Film ensures that paint will adhere to the outside layer of plastic, eliminating flake-off, Brown Masking Paper Roll - is custom treated so paint won’t flake off and protect against bleed - through, Double Sided Tape - is a reinforced acrylic foam tape with high tack and shear strength performance acrylic adhesive and more.


Kovax offer wide range of Accessories which includes Dry Guide Coat with Applicator - Provides the technician a visual aid to ensure primed surfaces are totally smooth and even, Single / Double Sided Wool Pad - Wool Pads are designed for use with a polisher and is made with 100% Natural Wool fibres to produce a high gloss on paint surfaces, Form Pad Black Waffle - The waffle face Foam Pad offers wave shapes on the face of the foam pad, speed up the air flow between the paint and the foam pad to cool the pad, Tack Cloth - ensure completely dust free surface before painting, Paint Strainer - is a filter used to clean paint as it is poured into the spray gun cup, Microfiber Towel - is highly absorbing and resistant to high wear resistance without strains, Kovax Paint System - an innovative system for the mixing and preparation of refinish material for spraying and more.

Paint Finishing Products

Kovax offer wide range of Paint Finishing Products which includes One Step Rubbing Compound- Advanced - highly effective polishing compound for Automobile clear coats, Xtreme Cut Rubbing Compound - will swiftly eliminate overspray and grit 1000 scratches in one step, One Step Rubbing Compound - highly effective polishing compound for Automobile clear coats, Polishing Glaze - remove fine swirls and provide durable protection in one step and more.


Kovax offer wide range of Tools which includes Dust Extraction Trolley, Dual Action Sander with Hose and Dust Bag, Lex Sander Non Vacuum, Lex Sander Central Vacuum, Lex Sander with Hose and Bag, Mini Belt Sander, Buflex and Assilex Sander, Mini DA Sander, Hand Block - Small / Medium Dust Free, Mini Polisher, Touch up Sander, Stickon Pads, Multihole Backup Pad and more.

Kovax Products - Applications

Kovax offer wide range of Sanding System Solution for every problem, Abrasives for Automotive Market, Abrasive Tools & Accessories that provide a Complete Sanding Solution. Few more Applications of Kovax Products as follows:

  • Super Tack Discs & File Sheets - Paint Stripping, Body Filler Sanding, Putty / Primer / Wood Sanding.
  • Finishing System - Unique Cutting Power, Flexible, Suitable for Concave & Convex Areas.
  • Abrasives - Belts for Portable Machines, Dry Sheet for Sanding of Wood, Wall & Primer.
  • Water Proof Paper - Sanding and Finishing of Fillers & Primers, Composite Materials and Metal Coating.
  • Microfinishing Films - Super Finish for Precision Parts, Polishing for Contact Face of Optical Fiber Connector, Cleaning of Magnetic Head and Disk.
  • Filler & Putty - Smooth and Easy to Sand, Excellent Adhesion and Fast Tack Free Surface.
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  • Wurth Maintenance Tools & Chemicals
  • Mirka Power & Pneumatic Tools
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  • Kovax - Coated Abrasives
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