Graco Spray & Coating Equipments

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Graco Spray & Coating Equipments

Aaruda Industrial Solutions is one of the leading Authorized Dealer for Graco Spray & Coating Equipments which includes - Husky Pumps, IQ Dispense Pumps, King Airless Sprayers, Merkur High Performance Fine Finish Systems, PerformAA 5000 Air Assist Spray Guns and Triton Spray Guns for Wood & Metal etc.

Graco manufactures and markets Premium Equipment to Move, Measure, Control, Dispense and Spray a wide variety of Fluid & Powder Materials - Paint Sprayers & Paint Sprayer Accessories. Graco offer products that set high-quality standards in a broad range of fluid handling applications: Spray Finishing and Paint Circulation, Lubrication, Sealants and Adhesives, Sanitary Processing and Power Application Equipment for contractors.

Pro Xp Electrostatic Guns

Graco Pro Xp Electrostatic Guns are complete new line of manual air spray and air assist electrostatic guns, Smaller and Lighter Guns, Spray Performance Leadership, Increased gun feedback.

Graco Pro Xp Electrostatic Guns Features - Durable Components reduce ownership cost, Internal Power Supply so no heavy cord, Ergonomic Handle fits comfortably in operator's hand, Light Trigger Pull to reduce muscle strain, Air Inlet Swivel increases maneuverability and more.

Pro Xp Auto Electrostatic Guns

Graco Pro Xp Auto Electrostatic Guns are 85 kV internal turbine powered guns - Air Spray Models & Air Assist Models. All connections through a manifold - Back Manifold Connections & Bottom Manifold Connections. Spray performance and transfer efficiency of the Pro Xp manual gun - Pro Xp Air Caps & Tips. 2 Choices for gun feedback - Smart Gun with Display, kV control and Alarms, Standard Gun with Alternator Speed Indicator.

PerformAA 5000 Air Assist Guns

Graco PerformAA 5000 are Air Assist Spray Guns with general finishing air cap. These are High quality 34.5 Mpa (5000 psi) air assist spary guns, General finishing air cap for a wide range of materials, Carbide fluid seat and carbide ball for durability, Fine finish, AXM or pre-office, AXF, spray tip included as tip of choice, Clicking fan pattern adjustment knob for accurate adjustment.

Graco PerformAA 5000 compatible materials are Epoxies, High Solids, Lacquer, Latex, Plural Component Materials, Polyurethane, Solvent-borne, Solvent-borne Paints, Urethane, UV Coating, Varnish and more.

AirPro™ Automatic Spray Guns

Graco AirPro™ Automatic Spray Guns are Automatic HVLP, Conventional and Compliant Guns - Advanced Spraying Technology for Metal, Wood and High Wear Applications which include - General Metal, Wood and High Wear Gun Models designed to optimize spray performance, Wide standard product offering with compliant gun models, in addition to HVLP and conventional, Models available with a fluid control knob, Stainless steel construction handles the toughest coatings, from acid to waterborne, Indexing aircap provides fast and accurate positioning in either the vertical or horizontal position, Lightweight and compact rounded gun design, Consistent spray pattern for a high quality finish.

Finex™ Air Spray Guns

Graco Finex™ Spray Guns are Lightweight, Ergonomic Air Spray Guns - Aircaps optimized for high quality spray performance, Lightest trigger pull in its category, Integrated air inlet adjustment (cheater) valve, Durable stainless steel trigger comes standard on all Finex gun models. Finex Pressure Feed Guns - Available in HVLP and Conventional technologies, Needle/nozzle sizes offered in 0.039" (1.0 mm), 0.047" (1.2 mm), 0.055" (1.4 mm) and 0.071" (1.8 mm). Finex Gravity Feed Guns - Mini and Standard Gravity Feed offered in a wide variety of needle/nozzle sizes, Plastic cup included with the gun. Finex Gravity Feed Side Cup Guns - Cup swivels for spraying in small spaces, Aluminum cup included with gun.

King™ Airless Sprayers

Graco King™ Airless Sprayers are for Protective Coatings Applications. Whether it is a large Coating Project like a Bridge, Ship or Tank or a simple touch-up project that only takes a few hours, you depend on your Spray Equipment to deliver a flawless performance every time. Graco offers a complete lineup of the industry's most dependable Single-Component Sprayers - in the exact size you need to accomplish any Airless Spray Project.

Graco King™ Airless Sprayers offer wide range of Air-Powered Sprayers which includes - KING XL30 & XL40 Sprayers, XL45, XL60 & XL70 Sprayers, XL80 Sprayers and King E-Series Electric-Powered Sprayers, Airless Spray Guns and more.

Merkur® Systems

Graco Merkur® High Performance Fine Finish Packages are for Precise Pressure and output in a variety of configurations delivers long lasting superior performance. Advanced Technology & Superior Performance - The Merkur® Spray Packages are designed to outperform and outlast other pumps in their class. With a variety models and configurations to choose from, you get the precise pressure and output you need for all of your finishing applications.

Merkur® Systems offer wide range of Spray Technology Packages which includes - Air Assist Packages, Electrostatic Packages - Spray Guns & Accessories, Data Trak, Suction Hoses, Gun Hoses and more.

Husky Pumps

Graco Husky Pumps - Process Equipments are Pumping Solutions for Process Industries. Graco Husky Pumps feature PTFE or UHMWPE Corrosion-resistant Fluid Paths, which make them ideal for corrosive and abrasive chemicals. Plus they are dead-head capable and can achieve high flow rates while minimizing air consumption and operational noise.

Graco offer wide range of Process Equipments which includes - ChemSafe™ Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps & Plastic Pumps, Husky™ Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps, Plastic Pumps, Husky™ Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Metal Pumps, Husky™ Transfer Pump Packages, Husky™ Pump Accessories, Husky™ Surge Suppressors, SoloTech™ Peristaltic Hose Pumps, Positive Displacement Hose Pumps, CycleFlo™ / II Solenoid Pump Controllers, Hydra-Clean Air-Operated Pressure Washers, Fast-Flo Air-Operated Piston Transfer Pumps, Piston Pumps for Ink Applications and more.

iQ Dispense Valves

Graco iQ Dispense Valves are for Reliable, Controlled Material Flow Dispensing. Choosing the correct valve will set your sealant and adhesive dispensing application on a path toward success. Graco iQ Valves offer you the performance, quality, and flexibility to reliably complete your dispensing process. Three sealing options let you optimize your dispense based on your material and application.

Graco iQ Dispense Valves offer wide range of High Working Pressure Valves (Ball-Seat Valves) with stainless steel housing, 45° Outlet Valves (Snuff-Back Valves) for use with Graco Precision Swirl, Air-Powered Sprayers, Electric Powered Sprayers, Airless Guns, Pump Kits and more.

Triton® Pumps

Graco Triton® Pumps are affordable fine finish Spray Packages for Wood and Matel applications. Triton® Pumps are an air-operated diaphragm spray package that applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts. Triton® is a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps.

Graco Triton® Diaphragm Spray Packages designed specifically for the finishing market. These are High Quality Finish - Low pulsation output and smooth pump changeover deliver a consistent spray pattern, Easy To Use - Quick color changes and fast material refills save time and money, Rugged Construction - Stainless steel or aluminium pump handles a wide variety of fluids. Best Spray Finishing Packages, available with AirPro® Spray Guns and Pro Xp™ Electrostatic Spray Guns.

Finishing Accessories

Graco Finishing Accessories are High Quality Enhancements for Graco Finishing Systems - which includes Air Prep & Controls, Hoses, Fittings Swivels & Guages Filters, Pressure Regulators, Agitators, Surge Suppressors, Pressure Pots and Other Accessories.

Graco offer wide range of Finishing Accessories - which includes Pressure Pots - Designed with electroplated surfaces that prevent debris build-up and keep your operation free of contaminants, Agitators -Graco offers a complete line of high quality mixing solutions for many different materials and containers. Air Preparation and Controls -Air preparation is key to controlling the finishing process and prolonging the life of finishing equipment. Pressure Regulators -Graco has a proven line of fluid pressure regulators to meet all of your finishing needs. Surge Supperssors -Surge Suppressors are a simple and reliable way to reduce pulsation and assure smooth fluid transfer throughout your finishing system. Filters -Safe guard your process by removing contaminates from your circulation line. Hoses, Fittings, Swivels and Guages -The key to a productivity is a complete system with hoses, fittings, swivels and gauges. Other Accessories -Cleans 2 guns and 2 cups, Plastic tank and reservoir, Waterborne and non-waterborne compatibility options, High quality Graco pump for reliability and more.

Graco Products: Features

1. Husky Pumps

  • Pumping Solutions for Process Industries, feature PTFE or UHMWPE Corrosion-resistant Fluid Paths, which make them ideal for Corrosive & Abrasive Chemicals.
  • Husky Pumps are ideal for Applications that require Low Pulsation and a Smooth Flow.
  • Husky Pumps are designed to utilize a Single Oversized Roller that Compresses a Low Friction Hose through a full 360 degrees of rotation.
  • 2. iQ Dispense Valves

  • Graco iQ Valves - for Reliable, Controlled Material Flow Dispensing - offer you the Performance, Quality, and Flexibility to Reliably complete your dispensing process.
  • Three Sealing Options let you Optimize your Dispense based on your Material and Application.
  • Graco iQ Valves - for Improved Life Cycle, proven to Perform Up To Twice as long as Competitive Valves, drastically Reduce Maintenance.
  • Graco iQ Valves - for large Selection of Tip Sizes, Tip Extensions, accommodates Focal Lengths for Vision Systems, Fully Heated for Material Viscosity Control, Direct-mounted Solenoid for the Fastest and most Repeatable On/Off Operation.
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